Former family law clients.
( All but one of these testimonials are from people whose cases settled out of court. For the one exception, I worked along with a litigator. )

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• Cindy Turner is the best that I’ve seen! Extraordinarily competent and positively professional, Cindy was the perfect choice to help me through one of the most difficult and serious events in my life. I was distraught, nervous and anxious and Cindy calmed me down by telling me that it would be ok and she would control every step and it was. She is a trusted counselor and protected my dignity.  I was able to move ahead with my life, am forever grateful for her outstanding service and give her my highest recommendation! **K. formerly of Chester County, Pennsylvania 

Retaining a divorce lawyer is not what anyone entering into marriage thinks about … but when life changes course and people decide to move in different directions, I am thankful that people like Cynthia Turner have studied the law and want to use their expertise to make an otherwise arduous journey a little less painful for others. Cynthia is a one-in-a-million kind of attorney that truly wants to help you achieve the best possible outcome without “stirring the pot”. She is firm and fair and helps you navigate the complexities of family law with grace and humor and honesty. Throughout the process, Cynthia clearly presented my options according to the law and explained the possible outcomes, empowering me to make my choices. Most importantly, by retaining Cynthia, I was able to achieve the result I desired… an affordable, low-drama divorce. If you are looking for a “mud-slinger” or an “attack-dog”, look elsewhere, but if you are looking to move on with your life with dignity and self-respect, I whole-heartedly recommend Cynthia Turner, Esq., as your top choice for a divorce lawyer or mediator in Chester County, PA. **M. L., Phoenixville, PA,

Cynthia Turner is an excellent attorney. She is meticulous in her work, which is to ardently represent her clients’ interests as they go through the process of divorce. Whenever possible she favors collaboration to achieve settlement over adjudication. Legal costs matter and she knows it. Her colleagues have honored her with an award for her good service. This work ethic naturally extends to her concern for her clients’ safety and well-being. She keeps in regular communication with them to make sure what is needed is in place. She knows her clients are grieving and in pain, and she knows OUR focus is largely on the past and what went wrong. Here, perhaps, she bestows her best counsel. She gives us comfort when we most need it, but she encourages us to look first to the present, then to the future: Here is where we are, but look ahead, she admonishes, there is where we want to be, when all is done. And that place is a place of possibility and hope for a new life. **Jim, Downingtown, PA

Cindy Turner became my lawyer when my ex-husband and I decided to divorce. I initially contacted Cindy as we wanted an amicable divorce and thought that mediation was an option for us. It turned out that we did not need the mediation services, but I was so fortunate that I landed with Cindy guiding me through this overwhelming process. From our first meeting, I never questioned that I was in very good hands and that we were a ‘team’. Cindy made certain that I understood everything in a language that I could understand. I felt that she gave me the background knowledge that I needed to make informed decisions. I never felt rushed when I had questions, but she was always concise and to the point so as not to waste my time. Cindy is an honest, highly capable and intelligent lawyer. She is a warm, sincere and empathetic person and those are the qualities that made the difference for me. I have recommended her services numerous times, as I have the confidence that she treats all her clients with the same attention to detail, care and professionalism that she did with me. **Randy, Media, PA

I​ ​can​ ​not​ ​thank​ ​her​ ​enough!​ When I was looking around for a lawyer to help me through my divorce- Cynthia Turner was then only lawyer willing to take the time and listen to my story. Every lawyer I called in the Chester County area required a fee before meeting with me to hear my situation. Mrs. Turner spoke with me over the phone and addressed any questions I had. During our face to face meeting, she explained every step of the process and was able to put into layman’s terms any legal jargon, so I felt included and could make the most informed decision. She was forward thinking, in that she had an alternative option should our initial plan not go as we hoped. Mrs. Turner was extremely timely in filing all the paperwork and also making sure I returned all necessary paperwork by certain deadlines. My divorce was a dark cloud that loomed over me, but Mrs. Cynthia Turner was able to lift that burden off of my shoulders and help me get on the path of peace and restoration. **K. Elizabeth, Chester County

• I want to thank Cynthia Turner Esq, for her assistance in bringing a long and drawn out circumstance to a closure.  She brought great insight, vast amount of legal experience, and compassion to my plight.  I would recommend Ms. Turner on their divorce journey. **M, formerly of Chester County, PA

• Cynthia represented me during my no fault divorce.  She was constantly supportive throughout, giving me sound advice on how best to resolve conflicts, and always encouraging me to remain positive. Her reassurances calmed my often frazzled nerves and I never doubted that Cynthia kept my best interest in mind at all times. **Lynne P., Downingtown, PA