Divorce Mediation or Legal Services
New Directions for You

Since you are reading this, chances are that either you or someone you care about is in, or thinking about, a divorce. Although the subjects related to divorce can be difficult, the process you choose for resolution may make things easier.

Divorces tend to be less stressful and less expensive if you settle your case out of court. In Pennsylvania, it is possible to finish your case by paperwork so neither you, nor your family, have to ever step into a court room. In court, you risk having important life decisions, whether you like them or not, made for you. Two possible pathways to settlement include divorce mediation services and amicable divorce legal services. Although similar in goals, they are very different and separate services. I provide mediation services as a mediator only, and amicable divorce services as a lawyer only. The two subjects are described in this website to help you think about what may be best.

Self-determination through settlement may provide for the creation of your own opportunities and direction. Your life can be yours again.

Cynthia Turner, Esquire
Kennett Square, Chester County, Pennsylvania